AL PATRA Group has its head office in Jeddah. Since its inception more than two decades ago, AL PATRA Group has been fully committed to providing the best service available to its customers and excellent facilities to its employees.

The 3 major divisions of AL PATRA group are:
» Elevator Division
» Pest Control Division
» Computer Division
Elevator Division
The name AL PATRA is identified with elevators in Jeddah and the neighboring cities. Since its inception some 20 years ago, AL PATRA Elevators have been committed to excellence in workmanship and customer service. Our quality workmanship coupled with the best branded components from around the world, gives you lift and escalators that reflect your tastes and needs.
Having our own manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia, thorough studies and planning are conducted to incorporate our clients’ needs into the designing and manufacturing of all our products.
Full range of services, from planning & designing to installation, comprehensive maintenance and supply of spare pare parts are provided by this section. For more information, browse Elevator Section on this website.
Patra Pest Control
Patra Pest Control is another successful venture of AL PATRA Group. With sound investment in the right equipment and dedicated team of professionals, Patra Pest Control is fully equipped to handle any size of projects in pest control and maintenance. Our clientele in this very important field includes supermarkets, five star hotels, hospitals, residential compounds, large & small building complexes, farms, gardens, villas etc. For more information, browse Pest Control Division on this website.
Al Patra Computers
Al PATRA Computers is a relatively new addition to AL PATRA Group. Realizing the importance of Information Technology in all facet of our modern life in general and the tremendous scope for more professional IT service organizations in vibrant Saudi market in particular, Al PATRA Computers was established in the year 2005, by acquiring the resources of a experienced IT establishment in Jeddah, known as 4S Computers. This division now caters to a wide variety of clientele offering hardware (wholesale & retail) networking, software development and internet services. For more information, browse Computer Division on this website.